Rise Warrior Queens, Rise!

Women/woman – what do these terms mean to you? For me, I think the terms women/woman refers to strength, courage, life, love, nurturing, motherhood, researcher, boss, traveler, lover, educator, chef, and my favorite warrior. To be honest, women can mean (and be) anything! Since my last blog I was contemplating on what I want toContinue reading “Rise Warrior Queens, Rise!”

My Body is NOT an Apology

For the past two weeks I have been thinking about the topic of bodies – yes, bodies. Bodies are what encapsulates your mind, spirit, soul, talents, thoughts, and beliefs, basically everything that makes you who you are. However, somewhere along our journey in life we have begun to resent our bodies, hate our bodies, beContinue reading “My Body is NOT an Apology”

Can I just Hit the Restart Button?

Hi y’all, it has been a while, in fact two years with my other blog “Bon Appétit for Life”.  As several of you know, I started my other blog when I started graduate school (two years to be exact). My plan was to write about my experience while maintaining a healthy lifestyle through food. HowContinue reading “Can I just Hit the Restart Button?”