Rejection – The Salt That Gets Rubbed On The Wound

Expectations, hopes, desires, wants, and even love can lead us down a road of rejections. Where each rejection hurts a little worse then the one before. When we are born in this world, we are not given a pamphlet of instructions that tells us a step-by-step plan of our life. In most cases we haveContinue reading “Rejection – The Salt That Gets Rubbed On The Wound”

Being Thankful for All the No’s

Rejection, a term that most, if not all people dread to hear and feel. According to the English dictionary the term “rejection” means “the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc, and the spurning of a person’s affections.” Personally, I have felt “rejection” can mean dismissing an entire person, not just the ideas orContinue reading “Being Thankful for All the No’s”

Boss Bitch (scratch that) Make it a Boss Queen

As some of you might have notice, I did not write a blog post last week. It was not because I did not have any content to write about, but it was simply because I needed to place my energy into making some changes in my life. But don’t worry I never forgot about you,Continue reading “Boss Bitch (scratch that) Make it a Boss Queen”

Reclaiming Your Power Back: Liberating Yourself from Bondage of the Past

This week while we talk about taking back our power, I have a cocktail that fits the bill in terms of being sweet, refreshing, and yet packing a punch to help give yourself compassion while you get the strength to reclaim your power back. Sweet, Yet Strong Peach Tea 1-2 oz Peach Vodka (depends onContinue reading “Reclaiming Your Power Back: Liberating Yourself from Bondage of the Past”

People Pleasing and the Art of Losing Oneself

This week I met up with a friend for a social distancing lunch. As we got to talking, the topic of college admissions was brought up. Her daughter, a high school senior, is about to embark on her college admission applications. What is unique this year, is due to covid-19, apparently SAT testing has beenContinue reading “People Pleasing and the Art of Losing Oneself”

Rise Warrior Queens, Rise!

Women/woman – what do these terms mean to you? For me, I think the terms women/woman refers to strength, courage, life, love, nurturing, motherhood, researcher, boss, traveler, lover, educator, chef, and my favorite warrior. To be honest, women can mean (and be) anything! Since my last blog I was contemplating on what I want toContinue reading “Rise Warrior Queens, Rise!”